SynchroDir's story


I started designing SynchroDir in 2001. At that time I ran a subsidiary in processed glass industry. I decided to make this subsidiary a "paperless" company, which was innovative at the time.

So I worked on the development of an Electronic Document Management (EDM Zylab) and I placed scanners within 10 meters of each workplace in administrative offices and workshops in the company. The staff has been heavily involved in the project and all document cabinets were emptied and sold, which generated a lot of room in the administrative offices. In this time of transition to 35 hours a week, the effectiveness of the document management has helped this big change. In commercial matters, the answers to customers have become instantaneous and more appropriate, because of the very good efficiency of the document management.

During those years, I have refined and compiled a presentation "PowerPoint", with some borrowings on the web, that I let you discover …

EDM_Presentation.ppt EDM_Presentation.ppt


Administrator and user versions

However, each employee with a PC was keeping electronic documents that were not always or not yet versed in the electronic document management. After several hard drive failures and stolen computers, I thought about backing up documents, which led to the creation of the SynchroDir software.

This program included two versions:

Each PC has been equipped with SynchroDir and each user must perform it every late afternoon before his departure, which was made in most cases. You will find them below, these softwares are still functional (sorry, only in french)
Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_OldWin_Admin_Winjpg Deprez_Photo_SynchroDir_OldWin_User.jpg

In passing, note that each program has a size of only 283 KB as they were compiled in static mode. Since then, software sizes have grown significantly!

Qt Creator

In 2001, I developed in C++ using MS Visual Studio and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) I compiled in static mode to make my programs as independent as possible of the Windows operating system and its registry. No traces at install, nothing in window registry, only benefits!

This strategy has paid off as many of my software programs are still in operation since 2001 without needing to be recompiled. In addition, the uninstall of this type of software has been very simple, just direct them to the trash bin.

Then I developed other programs and Windows NT services for the treatment of electronic documents.

You will find on this website two other old softwares, "Replace" and "ViewDiff." I just try them on Windows Seven, they run very well on this operating system as they were also developed in 2001. It's to be credited to Microsoft.

For my part, I use SynchroDir for all my backups. Of course, there are other solutions in the « cloud », but:

On my Mac, these old softwares could not be used. So I rewrote SynchroDir in C++ with the help of Qt Creator. So, SynchroDir is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux ...

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