Electronic Tube

This tube has an history. Young engineer in 1984, I had the opportunity to visit the installations of the "Twin" of Boussois plant (59-France). Started in 1956, the "Twin" plant has produced flat glass until 1967. In unused electrical cabinets, I discovered several vacuum tubes which remembered me of my electronic course of bachelor's class. It is certainly a thyratron gas-tube, the thyristor's ancestor. This tube is very decorative and I preserve it like a "souvenir".

Electronic Tubes

Other tubes, other "souvenirs". These two power diodes come from the factory Reckitt et Colman in Chartres (28 Eure et Loir - France). To wire for sound the factory's workshops, there was an amplifier and a turntable player. I am unaware of all the goals of this installation. In 1981, this installation was dismounted, at this occasion I preserved the tubes of the amplifier.

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