This page is dedicated to the good Samaritans of the Net, those which publish web sites of help or council, those which provide the tools, the programming languages, and also with all the others which give without counting their time.

In short, all those to whom I borrowed to build this Web site They are numerous, too numerous. I will just quote only some of them below. For the others, don't be anxious, I do not forget you.

M. HARAN "Tierra Verde"

The design of this page comes from a contribution of Mr HARAN to the Web site Open Source Web Design OSWD. Mr. Haran himself has found his inspiration from the previous design of, an Australian Web site.

I slightly modified the colour of the foot and title bars. I preserved the whole of the design which I immediately liked and I created all stuff around.

M. Marcello FRANCO "tree menu"

I found the idea of the Site map tree page from the Web site The Code Project. DHTML code of Mr Marcello FRANCO is clear and simple. I entirely rewrote this code using PHP to make it dynamic. As soon as a page is added in the tables of the site, it appears in the tree...

logo_ php.gif

Many thanks to Mr. Rasmus LERDORF which developed starting from 1994 this very useful programming language. I used the version PHP 4 for writing the code of


Thank you also to Sun Microsystems. There are some Javascript functions in the code of


Last but not least, it is necessary to quote the software which enabled me to test the site : the Apache server and Fedora Linux.


et voilà !

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